Married Couple, Daughter Found Dead in North

Police are clueless as to the cause of death of the couple, in their 40s, and their 2-year-old daughter in the Druze village of Isfiya.

A married couple and their toddler daughter were found dead in their home on Monday, in what police first thought may have been a murder-suicide case, but are now questioning that estimation.

Netanya police
Alon Ron

The man and women, both in their 40s, were found dead alongside their 2-year-old daughter in the Druze village of Isfiya in the Haifa region.

After a preliminary probe, police investigators were led to believe that the father killed his wife and daughter before taking his own life.

However, further investigation has caused police to change that assessment, with the cause of the family's death still unknown.

Haifa police commander Ahuva Tomer said Monday that one of the family's neighbors had called the police and reported that the family members were dead in their house.

"The police officers arrived as soon as possible to the house, only to witness the horrifying scene of a murdered family."

Commander Tomer said that the woman had filed a complaint against her husband last August. The woman complained that her husband left her and their daughter near Haifa University, after having an argument during a family drive.

Following the wife's complaint, the husband was arrested and then released under restricted conditions. The woman could not be contacted after that incident, said Tomer.

On Saturday, police said suspected that a resident of the northern Israeli Arab village of Na'ura was suspected of stabbing his wife to death.

The man, 42, allegedly stabbed his 38-year-old wife around midnight Friday, with police saying that one of the couple's four children may have witnessed the attack.

Last week, a Netanya man, 34, allegedly shot his wife in the head, later trying to commit suicide.

The woman was evacuated to the city's Laniado hospital in critical condition, with the husband in serious condition after suffering what police believed was self-inflicted gun shot wounds to the chest.

Earlier this month, police arrested a woman in the central Israeli city of Ra'anana suspected of killing her two daughters.