Lawyer for Alleged Jewish Terrorist 'Horrified by the Physical and Mental Abuse'

After a Supreme Court ruling, Chaim Pearlman and his suspected accomplice are allowed to meet with their lawyer, who claims Pearlman was abused during the investigation.

The lawyer of suspected Jewish terrorists claimed that his client Chaim Pearlman endured abuse from investigators during his time in prison, after a meeting with Pearlman on Friday morning.

Chaim Pearlman, a right-wing Israeli extremist, was arrested last week over a string of stabbing attacks and is suspected of murdering four Palestinians and attempting to murder another seven. David Sitbon, who is alleged to have collaborated with Pearlman, was recently arrested on the suspicion that he supplied Pearlman with stolen weapons that were used in the attacks.

Chaim Pearlman in court Wednesday.

Since the time of their arrest, the men have been prevented from meeting with their lawyer. On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy rebuked the State Prosecutor's Office and the Shin Bet for failing to bring the two suspects to court hearings. The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the suspects must be permitted to meet with their lawyers on Friday morning.

The defense lawyer, Sharon Nahari, said after meeting his clients on Friday in a Petah Tikvah prison that he was "shocked by the physical and emotional abuse that my client went through."

According to Nahari, Pearlman was bound to a chair for 16 hours with chains around his wrists and legs while investigators cursed, threatened and attacked him.

"This investigation is illegitimate," Nahari said and called for the release of his clients.

Nahari noted that Pearlman was using his right to remain silent during the investigation.

The Shin Bet said in response to the claims that  "Pearlman's investigation is progressing in accordance with the law."

"This is another level in the slander campaign directed against the security service since the suspect's arrest," the Shin Bet said in response.

"During the investigation the suspects were asked about their condition, and they did not raise claims regarding alleged abuse, such as those being voiced by their lawyers at the moment," the Shin Bet added.