Lawn Bowls / Singles / Upstart Takes Women's Event

Tzvia Landenberg beats the woman who had introduced her to the game at new Ra'anana singles competition; George Kaminsky takes mens' title, showing why he represented Israel in three successive World Championships.

In sports, upsets happen when underdogs show no fear. Such was the case in Ra'anana last weekend at a new singles competition in which Tzvia Landenberg beat the woman who had introduced her to the game.

In a new format, each club had its own preliminary competition; the winners then sparred in knockout rounds for the overall title.

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Yudith Rozenblat

Notably absent in the playoffs of 11 ends was Kiryat Ono's international star Ruthie Gilor, who was beaten in her home game. Instead it was Landenberg who came through to represent her club; she followed through in grand style to claim the title.

As a comparatively new bowler who only two years ago won the novices competition, Landenberg topped Lola Katz, this year's Ramat Hasharon champion, in the quarterfinal 11-6. She then finished the semifinal with a 10-8 victory over Haifa's Irit Grencel, a member of Israel's world bowls team.

Landenberg then won the final 9-8 against Tami Kamzel, another member of Israel's world team. For an added bit of spice it was Kamzel who had introduced Landenberg to the game and tutored her.

Level at 3-all, 4-all and 5-all, Kamzel seemed set for the win when she led 8-5 with two ends to play. But Landenberg fought back to 8-7 to start the last end one shot down. She then lay two shots for game and Kamzel scattered the head. But this still left two shots for her opponent for a 9-8 win.

In previous rounds Grencel had beaten Ra'anana's Beverley Polatinsky 8-7, while Kamzel had won 14-9 against Savyon's Orli Atias.

By George, I think he's still got it

Among the men there were no surprises. It might have been so had Ramat Gan's George Kaminsky not won the title. The 62-year-old, now retired from international events after an illustrious career, showed why he represented Israel in three successive World Championships.

In an outstanding display in the semifinal, he beat world team member Zvika Hadar 14-4 after besting Savyon's Amnon Kosovsky. In the final he went up against Haifa's Yossi Greenberg, whom he beat 12-7 after Greenberg had edged Ramat Hasharon's Tzachi Katalon 11-10 by scoring a three count with his final bowl in the last end.