Jerusalem Toddler Dies After a Door Falls on Him

The door had been standing for a month and a half in the lobby of their building and fell on the young boy and his mother as they passed by.

A two-year-old toddler died in Jerusalem on Tuesday when a door fell on him. The child's mother told emergency aid workers that she took the boy out of his stroller as they entered their apartment building, and as they walked through the lobby, the door fell upon them suddenly.

The mother was struck by the door and pushed backwards, and her young son was buried beneath the door and killed.

baby - Nohi Gal - November 2 2010
Nohi Gal

Rivkah Or, one of the first emergency aid workers to arrive at the scene of the incident, said, "We saw the heavy door lying in the lobby of the building, and besides it was a puddle of blood. There were lots of blood stains leading into the apartment. The toddler was lying on the couch, bleeding heavily from his head, ears and nose, with no signs of life."

"We tried to resuscitate him and we called for backup from an intensive care ambulance, which arrived quickly. It was a horrifying sight."

Efforts to resuscitate the child continued on the way to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem. The toddler was declared dead in the hospital trauma room.

The child's parents told emergency aid workers that the door had been sitting in the lobby for a month and a half after neighbors in the building renovated their apartment and left the old door in the lobby.

The child's father said that he had asked the woman to remove the door because it was a safety hazard, but she had replied that it would be difficult for her to take it down to the basement storage area.