Jerusalem Police Chief Resigns After Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Southern District Commander Yossi Pariente will replace Niso Shaham as Jerusalem District commander.

Jerusalem District Commander Niso Shaham announced on Thursday that he will comply with Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino’s request and resign his post. Shaham was recently questioned under caution over suspicion that he engaged in sexual misconduct with seven female police officers under his command.

Yossi Pariente, commander of the Southern District, will receive the command of the Jerusalem District.

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich approved the police commissioner's appointment of Pariente as Shaham's permanent replacement. The appointment will take effect in the next few days. No decision has yet been made regarding Pariente’s replacement in the Southern District.

While Shaham has resigned from his position, he has not left the Israel Police. His future in the organization will be determined by the results of the Police Investigation Unit’s ongoing probe into his conduct. He is suspected of sexual harassment, imposing sexual relations upon female subordinates and indecent assault.

Shaham is remembered in Israel as the commander who was caught on camera instructing police officers to handle settlers with severity and use batons against them during the disengagement from Gaza in 2005.

Before serving as commander of the Jerusalem district, Shaham served as commander of the David District, commander of the Negev District, deputy commander of the Jerusalem District and as head of the police logistics unit. He was appointed to the position of commander of the Jerusalem District in May 2011.