Israeli Teen Dies of Seasonal Flu Complications

The 15-year-old is not known to have been suffering from a prior illness, but his condition continued to deteriorate after he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

A 15-year-old boy died Tuesday of complications resulting from a case of seasonal flu.

The teenager was hospitalized earlier this week at the Hillel Yafe Medical Center in Hadera, with severe respiratory symptoms, chest pain and a high fever.

Hospital Tomer Neuberg
Tomer Neuberg

He was treated with antibiotics and given oxygen after x-rays showed that he was suffering from pneumonia. His condition continued to deteriorate despite the medication.

The teen was taken to intensive care overnight on Monday and put on a respirator, Physicians pronounced him dead in the morning.

The boy had no record of prior illness, and his death is being treated as complication from the flu. "The teenager received all the necessary medical treatment, including consultations with specialist of various fields, but his condition continued to deteriorate until his death," the hospital said in a statement.