Israeli Lawyer Charged With Stealing NIS 5 Million From Clients

Upper Nazareth lawyer also charged with fraud under aggravated circumstances and obstructing justice.

Charges were filed thursday against an upper Nazareth lawyer for allegedly stealing money from his clients and obstructing justice.

The Northern District Prosecution, represented by attorney Moran Margalit, accuses Daniel Dravkin, 39, of stealing about NIS 5 million from his clients, as well as fraud under aggravated circumstances and obstructing justice.

Among his many services, the charge sheet relates, Dravkin represented clients in property transactions. He would receive money from his client in trust for the purposes of these deals or to secure future payments.

But the prosecution alleges he helped himself to some NIS 5 million of that money, using it for his own purposes. It has asked the Nazareth District Court to keep Dravkin behind bars while the legal process continues.


The above article has been corrected. Due to an editing error, the names of the suspect and the lawyer representing the State Prosecution  had been transposed. We apologize for any distress caused.