Israeli Father of Two Stabbed to Death in Be'er Sheva

Wife of Gadi Vichman witnesses murder of her husband after he tells a group of youths to stop making noise at night.

A Be'er Sheva resident was stabbed to death overnight Friday when he approached a group of youths on the street to tell them to stop making noise outside his apartment window. Gadi Vichman, 36, a father of two girls, was stabbed in his torso.

Magen David Adom officials arrived at the site on Bar Nisan Street, Be'er Sheva, and confirmed Vichman's death. Israel Police are currently searching for three young men and one young woman who are suspected of being involved in the incident.

Eliyahu Hershkovitz

According to police, two calls were received at 0:15 A.M. on Saturday complaining about disruptive noise. A patrol vehicle was sent to the site, but nothing was found. Two hours later, police received two more calls from neighbors reporting an altercation on the street.

Vichman's wife, Michal, told Haaretz her account of what happened: "Yesterday I was alone, my husband wasn't at home. I heard a noise and swearing. I called the police, who said a patrol vehicle had come but it didn't."

"At 0:30 my husband came home," continued Michal Vichman. "My kids woke up from the noise. He tried to put them to sleep but they woke up, and so he went down to ask them to be quiet. I saw the whole thing from the balcony. The teenager that stabbed him swore at me, too. He went at him at a fast speed, head butted him, and stabbed him."

"I saw him fall to the ground, grab his stomach and collapse. I called out to him from the balcony, 'Gadi come home.' I called the neighbors and gave them my girl. I went down to him and he breathed two last breaths and that was it," she said.

"Every weekend we suffer from the noise of those same teenagers," Michal Vichman added. "When he went downstairs they head butted him straight away. There was a teenage girl who said beforehand to the stabber, 'Let's go. Leave him alone,' but they stabbed him afterward with shards of glass."

Bar Nisan
Eliyahu Hershkovitz

One of the Vichman's neighbors said this wasn't the first time the neighbors have complained about noise at night. "There were a few times that we called the police to come calm the situation and prevent disturbances."

Be'er Sheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich described the incident as a "shocking murder" that must not be overlooked. "I have spoken at lengths this morning with Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino and requested he reinforce police presence in areas prone to disturbances during the weekends. Tomorrow I will hold an urgent conversation on the matter with the district officer and the head of the Be'er Sheva police station," said Danilovich.

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