Israeli Banks Freeze 26,000 Labor Party Membership Forms

Forms frozen due to improper payment method; move due to strengthen candidates Yachimovich and Mitzna, may harm Peretz and Herzog.

Labor party officials revealed Thursday that 26,000 party membership forms have not been confirmed by Israeli banks due to an unsound method of payment. The mishap has delayed the release of the latest party census.

According to the Labor Party election committee, the banks froze 26,000 out of the 75,000 submissions. Party members have begun combing through individual forms and are planning on contacting each submitter in order to fix the issue.

Labor leadership contenders - Alon Ron
Alon Ron

The head of the party’s election committee, Raanan Cohen, stated that the freeze has led to the delay of the release of the newest party census, which was slated to come out on Thursday. According to Cohen, the committee is making every effort to work through the problem in order to release the book as soon as possible.

Party officials believe that most of the membership forms will eventually be disqualified, a move that will likely strengthen candidates such as Shelly Yachmovich and Amram Mitzna, who rely on a relatively small and loyal voting bloc, while hurting the likes of Amir Peretz and Isaac Herzog, who rely on more diverse constituencies.