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Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 2 Missile Defense System

Defense Ministry statement says experiment examines improved capabilities of the new Green Pine radar-guided detection system.

Israel's Defense Ministry said on Friday morning that it had conducted a successful test of the Arrow 2 missile defense system.

In a statement released shortly after the test, the Defense Ministry said the test examined "the improved capabilities of the new Green Pine radar-guided detection system."

During the test, a target was launched from an F-15 jet, which was successfully identified by the Arrow's detection system. However, the experiment did not include actually shooting the missile down.

The Defense Ministry statement added that the test was part of a multi-year missile defense program, and that the system would be transferred to the Israel Air Force "soon."

Israel is developing the anti-ballistic missile system in cooperation with the United States.

In February of 2011, Israel and the United States carried out a successful test of the Arrow, in which it detected, intercepted and destroyed a target missile launched from a platform off the coast of California.

Arrow test