Israel Says Airline Fuel Tainted, Outbound Flights May Suffer Delays

Shortage in Ben-Gurion Airport due to contamination with water may force U.S.-bound flights to stop for refueling in Europe.

The Israeli Airports Authority notified airlines early on Sunday morning that long-distance flights, such as those headed for the United States and East Asia, may suffer delays as of this evening. Flights to Europe are not expected to be effected.

The expected delays in outgoing flights are due to a problem in the Paz energy company’s fuel reserves. An inspection found the fuel’s water separation buffer to be too low for use, which may lead to a shortage in airline fuel, meaning some flights could leave with insufficient fuel, forcing flights to stop en route, refuel and continue to their destination.

Plane Fuel - Ofer Vaknin - 07.07.2011
Ofer Vaknin

In May, Israel’s outbound air traffic drew to a halt, after a contamination was found in the Airports Authority’s fuel reserves. Thousands of people had to reschedule their travel plans, as flights were canceled for two days.

Real-time updates on flight delays can be found on the IAA website.

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