Israel's National Labor Court to Decide Fate of General Strike

General strike on Wednesday morning caused delays at Ben-Gurion Airport and affected banks, hospitals, government offices, trains and the stock exchange.

Representatives of the Finance Ministry, Histadrut labor federation and the Manufacturers Association of Israel met on Wednesday afternoon for talks at the National Labor Court on progress made in negotiations on the status of workers employed through labor contractors.

On Wednesday morning, the Histadrut declared a general strike, causing delays at Ben Gurion airport and affecting banks, hospitals, government offices, trains, the stock exchange and more.

General strike Feb. 8, 2012 (Moti Milrod)
Moti Milrod

The strike at Ben Gurion airport ended at noon. However, customs officials are expected to continue work disruptions, which may cause long lines for passengers in the afternoon hours.

After consultations with representatives of the involved parties on Wednesday afternoon, National Labor Court President Nili Arad is expected to decide whether to allow the Histadrut to continue the strike or whether to order it to halt the strike immediately.

Sources close to the negotiations between the Histadrut and the Finance Ministry estimated on Tuesday night that the strike will not last for a prolonged period of time.

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