Israel's Embassy in Ireland Evacuated Over False Bomb Scare

Authorities say Irish army's bomb-disposal team arrives at Dublin building to investigate 'suspicious device.'

The Israeli embassy in Dublin was evacuated on Tuesday after a suspicious device was found on the premises, police said, later adding that the incident represented a false alarm.

The army's bomb-disposal team was called out to investigate and a police officer at the scene told Reuters that it was a false alarm after the team left the building.

The evacuation came amid heightened tension in Israeli embassies worldwide, following past attempts to target Israeli targets.

Last month, seven people were killed in a bombing attack targeting a tour bus filled with Israelis in the Bulgarian town of Burgas, five of whom Israeli tourists.

The other casualty was the Bulgarian bus driver, with authorities estimating that the seventh may be the terrorist who perpetrated the attack. An additional 34 Israelis were wounded in the attack.

Late last month, an investigation by India Police indicated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was behind the February terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi.

In the incident, which took place on February 13, 2012, Tali Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of the Defense Ministry's representative to India, was injured.

The Times of India newspaper, which published the findings of the investigation, reported that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard began speaking with Indian journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi about the possibility of carrying out an attack against Israeli diplomats in New Delhi as early as February 2011, over a year before the attack. At the time, a number of Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated, and Tehran blamed Israel for the deaths.