Israel's 100 Most Influential People This Jewish Year / The Anti-leader: Daphni Leef

The young woman who kicked off the social protest last year remains true to her revolutionary creed - an anti-leader who inspires the masses.

The image of a young woman being violently removed from the scene of a protest was enough to send the exhausted masses back out into the streets in June 2012. This year's protests may have been overshadowed by divisions among the organizers, the Iranian bomb and concerns for the economy, but Daphni Leef proved herself yet again as a person who can get citizens onboard and lead the cry for change.

Leef is an anti-leader. She sometimes stutters, she doesn't have others doing her bidding. Yet despite it all - or maybe because of it - she comes across as believable. As opposed to the other protest movement leaders, Leef has not cast her fate with any political party or joined any established movements. She doesn't want to fix the existing order; she wants to replace it with a new one.