Israel Prosecutors End 43-day Strike After Reaching Compromise With State

According to agreement with the finance ministry, state prosecutors would receive immediate pay rise of 12 percent.

After more than 12 hours of negotiations, Israel's prosecutors reached a compromise with the Treasury on Thursday to end their 43-day-long nationwide strike.

The prosecutors will receive an immediate pay rise of 12 percent, according to the deal. as well as a one-time bonus of NIS 2,000.

A decision will be made within the next 30 days of an arbitration procedure with regard to their demands for other expenses, including their transportation and phone budgets.

The breakthrough in negotiations following the crippling deadlock came after Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch encouraged the prosecutors' representatives to accept a compromise offered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for four percent more to their salary than they were offered on Tuesday.

Beinisch on Wednesday harshly criticized the state for its conduct with regard to the strike.

The strike has caused hundreds of cases to be postponed, or else heard without prosecutors present, at all levels of the court system. As a result, several people suspected of serious offenses were already freed during the strike's 43 days.