IDF Soldiers Punished for Wearing Shirts Declaring 'Golani Fights Enemies and Does Not Evict Jews'

Group of Golani Brigade soldiers were photographed at a beret ceremony wearing the provocative t-shirts; four soldiers have been sentenced to 20 days in prison.

Four Golani Brigade soldiers were sentenced on Friday to 20 days in military prison for provocative behavior at a beret ceremony held a day earlier.

10 soldiers who had finished their training were photographed wearing t-shirts that read "Golani fights enemies and does not evict Jews".

Golani Brigade t-shirts June 24, 2011 (Miri Tzachi)
Miri Tzachi

An initial investigation has found that the incident was planned in advance by the family of a soldier from the Alon Shvut settlement in the West Bank as well as an activist from the movement to reestablish the evacuated Homesh settlement.

Four soldiers who participated in the incident were sentenced on Friday. The rest will be sentenced on Sunday. A decision will be made later as to whether the soldiers will be allowed to remain fighters in the Golani Brigade.