IDF Soldier Goes Missing During Navigation Training

Army and police have been looking for the soldier since he failed to rejoin his unit early Thursday morning.

An Israel Defense Forces soldier from an elit unit has been missing since early Thursday morning.

The soldier was reported missing after he failed to join the rest of his unit following a navigation exercise near the Ella Valley, at around 4 A.M.

IDF soldiers training in the Golan Heights

The army believes that he fell off route during the drill.

The army and the Israel Police have been searching for him since morning, with the aid of a helicopter, but there is still no sign of him.

A soldier from the Sayeret Matkal unit, Tamir Nabuani, died in 2005 after falling off a cliff during a navigation exercise. The IDF said that the accident occurred while Nabuani was navigating alone during training. For reasons as yet unknown, he tripped and fell from a 15 meter-high cliff.