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IDF Conducts Drill Simulating Soldier Abduction, Following Security Threats

Drill conducted amid severe threats of abductions following the completion of the Shalit prisoner swap.

The Israel Defense Forces conducted a drill Sunday that simulated the abduction of a soldier from a Jordan Valley army base.

The drill was carried out amid severe security threats of abductions following the completion of the Shalit prisoner swap.

Jordan Valley IDF
Nir Kafri

Sunday's exercise simulated the abduction of an IDF soldier taken from the Jordan Valley barrier to Nablus, for the purpose of assessing the brigade's readiness and abilities to deal with such an event, as well as the readiness of special forces that were called to the scene.

The IDF Ground Forces Command's Col. Shlomi Feuer said the exercise was the first of its kind to be conducted by the IDF Central Command in the past few years. "This is a complex scenario, which examines the real situation. As such, extensive preparations were required," he said.

The drill was held at the short notice of one week and surprised many operational officers on the ground. The supervision unit, which instigated the assessment, usually does not notify the ground forces in advance of drills of this sort. However, due to concerns that ground forces might believe a soldier was really being kidnapped and, as a result, open fire, some of them were notified in advance.

The exercise was carried out under the instruction of Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who was present in the field.