IDF Arrests 10 Palestinians Suspected of Involvement in Stone-throwing Attack

Stone-throwing incident described by IDF as 'popular terror' leaves two-year-old Israeli with serious head injuries, and her mother and two siblings moderately injured.

The Israel Defense Forces arrested early Friday morning ten Palestinians suspected of involvement in a stone-throwing incident in which four Israelis were injured near the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

The four Israelis, a two-year-old infant, her mother and two siblings, were injured Thursday in a traffic accident that police say occured as a result of stones thrown by Palestinians at passing vehicles. The IDF described the incident as "popular terrorism".

The two-year-old's condition remains critical after undergoing a head operation Thursday night. The mother and two other sisters sustained moderate injuries.

Overnight, special forces from the Ephraim Regional Division entered the villages of Khares and Khareth, southeast of Qalkiliya, arrested ten suspects and took them to be interrogated.

The arrests were supervised by division commander Col. Ran Kahana, in collaboration with police and security forces. An IDF spokesperson said “the IDF views this as a serious incident and will not put up with popular terror which includes stone throwing.” 

The accident took place on Route 5 near Ariel at around 6:30 P.M. on Thursday. 

According to eyewitness reports, the car in which the family was traveling crashed into the truck in front of it. The truck driver said he braked when a rock hit his vehicle.

Prior to the collision, Palestinians had been throwing rocks at other passing vehicles, hitting two buses and a driver and two passengers were injured.