IBA Suspends Veteran Radio Show Editor Because of 'Not Balanced' Reportage

The IBA journalists union announced that it would be striking this morning's second hour of 'Seder Yom' and the 'Color of Money,'

Miki Shoshan, editor of Reshet Bet's early morning news show "Haboker Hazeh," was suspended on Tuesday, following complaints from Israel Broadcasting Authority officials that the program was "not balanced."

The complaints, made over the past several weeks, had related to items dealing with the Levy Committee report, which concluded that the West Bank isn't occupied territory; the recent Olmert trial, in which the former prime minister was acquitted of the most serious charges against him; and the issue of African work migrants.

In response to management's complaints, Shoshan sent a reply to Reshet Bet director Yair Koren, denying a lack of balance in the treatment of any of those three stories.

"My concern is that what we have here is self-deprecation before political elements who heard things they didn't like," she wrote. "The feeling is one of immediate and one-sided censorship.

"Immediately after the Levy case ... I got a bad feeling, bordering on despair, regarding how our managers perceive our roles as journalists," she wrote. "My view is that we aren't here to please any bureau, faction or political movement. If anything, just the opposite ... we are here to make sure that the power given to our representatives as part of our democracy ... isn't exploited in the end against us and against democracy."

After the letter was received, Shoshan was removed from her post.

"At issue are professional considerations by the Reshet Bet and Israel Radio managements," the IBA said. "Any attempt to give professional considerations a political slant is a cheap shot that is populist and unfounded."

Shoshan's suspension comes only two weeks after IBA management ordered guest presenters to share anchoring duties with Keren Neubach on her "Seder Yom" morning radio program, in order to "balance" its content.

The IBA journalists union announced that it would be striking this morning's second hour of "Seder Yom" and the "Color of Money" economic program "over politization, wage agreements and the move to Lod."