Heavy Snowstorms Disrupt El Al Flights to U.S.

The Israeli airline has opened up a hot-line to keep passengers informed of changes to the Tuesday night's flights which were canceled or postponed.

Intercontinental air travel between Israel and the United States has been disrupted by heavy snowstorms in the northeast, affecting thousands of travelers.

El Al Airlines has canceled flight #027 that was supposed to take off from Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday at midnight for New York. Flight #028, intended to take off from New York on Tuesday night and arrive in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning has also been canceled.

snow - Reuters - December 27 2010

Flight #001 that was supposed to take off from Tel Aviv at 1:00 A.M. Wednesday morning has been delayed to 11:30 A.M.

Another El Al U.S.-bound flight that was originally supposed to depart from Ben Gurion on Wednesday morning, #007, has been delayed to 3 P.M. on Wednesday afternoon.

El Al has announced that passengers can get updates on the scheduling changes at its website, or by calling a special hotline phone number at 03-9771111.

Delta Airlines has also cancelled its night flight from Tel Aviv to New York, and Continental Airlines has postponed its own Tuesday night flight to Wednesday.