Head of Jewish Burial Service in Haifa Shot to Death by Unknown Gunman

Director of the Ashkenazi Hevra Kadisha, 67-year-old Benny Hesse, was shot Sunday at the entrance of his Haifa home.

The Haifa director of the Ashkenazi Hevra Kadisha, the nonprofit organization in charge of state burial, was shot to death on Sunday near his Haifa home.

67-year-old Benny Hesse, father of four, was shot by an unidentified gunman at the entrance of his home on Sunday night, while his wife was still in the car after the two returned home together.

Hesse is a prominent figure in the religious Ashkenazi community in Haifa. Members of the religious community said that in the past, Hesse has had conflicts with other figures in Hebra Kadisha regarding the allocation of plots in cemeteries in Haifa.

Other community members said that Hesse also had conflicts with different contractors in the area regarding his work at Hevra Kadisha.

Kadisha chairman in Haifa, Rabbi Yisrael Rozental, said Sunday that Hesse "was an amazing man who was very dedicated and took care of the mourning families with great humanity."