Haredi Men Suspected of Repeated Rape of Their Underage Sister-in-law

According to the woman, the 2 men assaulted her hundreds of times ten years ago, from the time she was 12 until after turning 14.

Two ultra-Orthodox men were arrested this week over suspicions that they raped their sister in law when she was a minor hundreds of times during the course of two years.

The arrest came after the 24-year-old woman filed a complaint with police, claiming that two of her brothers in law raped her repeatedly about ten years ago, beginning when she was 12 and until after she had turned 14, when she was a resident of Beitar Ilit in the West Bank.

Handcuffed hands.

According to the woman, she first began engaging in intercourse with one brother in law, until she told the second man about her experiences. At that point, the other brother in law convinced her to come to his house to watch pornographic movies and began having sex with her as well.

The first of the two suspects was arrested on Tuesday, with preliminary investigations possibly linking him to other cases of statutory rape. The second suspect was arrested on Wednesday. They were both remanded until Sunday.

An attorney representing one of the suspects said that the claimant was attempting to blackmail his client, who, in turn, claims that the woman had called him a few weeks prior, saying that she would break the story if he didn't pay her 10,000 Shekels.

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