Gush Katif Resettlement Committee Operating Without Manager

Since the previous manager resigned his position, the prime minister has not appointed his replacement, although the body faces many challenges.

The body in charge of taking care of the needs of the evacuees of Gush Katif has been operating for the last two months without an appointed manager, despite the difficult challenges it faces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not assigned a replacement for the position since the previous manager Benzi Lieberman resigned for a role in the Israel Lands Administration.

Lachish hills
Zafrir Rinat

Although the evacuation from Gaza was completed six years ago, only one-third of the evacuees have since moved into permanent homes.

One task facing the administration is locating agricultural holdings for those evacuees who chose to receive alternative lands instead of financial compensation for the farmland that they left behind in Gaza. Finding appropriate farmland is no easy task and requires creative solutions. Other ex-Gush Katif families are waiting for building permits.

Doron Ben Shlomi, committee chair of Gush Katif settlers, said that “the agreement to extinguish compensation claims that was signed between the settlers and the government is evaulated based on whether it was carried out or not. We expect the government of Israel to immediately implement the agreement, as is befitting a national priority.”

Ben Shlomi continued, “This emphasizes the need for someone who will spearhead these issues, navigating the bureaucracy, ensuring the law is carried out and bringing the Gush Katif settlers to permanent dwellings.”