Four Suspects Arrested in Fatal Hura Drive-by

Police say murder appears to be part of a long-standing feud between rival Bedouin clans.

Police have arrested four suspects in last week's drive-by shooting near the southern Bedouin town of Hura that left two people dead and one seriously wounded, in what police say appears to be part of a long-standing feud between rival clans in the area.

One of the people killed was a member of the Abu al-Kian family, which is engaged in a feud with the Abu Sabit family. Two members of the Abu Sabit family were killed in a single incident about six weeks ago in Hura.

The other person killed in last week's shooting was driving a taxi that was fired on by a passing vehicle last Sunday and does not appear to have been connected to the feud, police said. An additional passenger escaped uninjured.

The taxi appears to have been approaching Hura, on its way from Be'er Sheva, when a gunman armed with an M-16 opened fire, according to police.

Though the suspects were arrested on the day of the shooting, a gag order prohibiting the media from publishing certain details about the case was not lifted until last night. The suspects are between the ages of 25 and 35 and were taken into custody during a police search of the Hura area immediately following the shooting. They have refused to cooperate with police and are insisting on their right to remain silent, according to police.

The Be'er Sheva Magistrate's Court has extended the remand of three of the suspects until Thursday. The fourth will be in custody until Wednesday.