Firecracker Thrown at Tel Aviv Pub Frequented by African Migrants; One Wounded

Pub in Hatikva neighborhood subjected to attack for second time in one month.

A man was lightly wounded Saturday night when a firecracker was thrown at a pub frequented by Eritrean citizens, situated in south Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood. As a result of the blast, various items in the pub were broken, the fragments of which apparently wounding the patron.

Israel Police began scanning the area to track down the suspected perpetrators of the act, which took place on Ha'Etzel Street at around 11:30 P.M. The pub's owner, Amina Takla – himself a migrant from Eritrea – saw two people on a motorcycle stop outside the pub's entrance and throw the firecracker.

This is not the first time Takla and his pub have been targeted. During the violent protest in south Tel Aviv against migrant workers about three weeks ago, protesters tried penetrating and vandalizing the pub. In addition, Takla was one of the victims of a group of minors from Hatikva neighborhood that were indicted over attacking African migrants. In one of the acts described in the indictment, the minors attacked Takla, vandalized the inside of his pub and even stole money and stock from the place.

About one and a half months ago, four firecrackers were thrown at a house of migrants in south Tel Aviv, and residents of the area were arrested on suspicion of committing the act. A fortnight later, another two firecrackers were thrown toward a house of migrants. No one was wounded in either incident.

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