Finance, Health Ministries Ask Court for Injunctions to Stop Ongoing Doctors' Strike

The Israel Medical Association is demanding a 50 percent raise per hour for its 17,000 doctors, who have been obstructing medical care for over two months.

The Finance and Health ministries petitioned the Tel Aviv Labor Court on Tuesday and asked for injunctions to be issued against the Israel Medical Association, demanding the end to the doctors' strike which has been ongoing for over two months.

The petition, handed to the court by the State Prosecution and attorney Doron Yeffet, from the Tel Aviv district prosecution, asked the court to order the Israel Medical Association to put an immediate stop to the ongoing strike, and to halt any future obstructions planned.

The Association, whose 17,000 doctors began launching sanctions over two months ago, is demanding a 50 percent raise per hour.

Yeffet is handling the petition which offers the doctors two alternatives to the current situation: entering intensive daily negotiations, or turning to an arbitration process acceptable on both sides or as instructed by the court.

The appeal stated that "thousands of patients are being held hostage by the association," adding that "as it is a force that harms both the population at large and the population of patients who need medical care that is not of a life-saving nature."

The Israel Medical Association was surprised to hear about the appeal, despite the Finance Ministry's announcement on Monday that it intended to appeal to court to put an end to the strike.

Negotiations between the doctors and the treasury remain deadlocked since the strikes began.

Doctors protest
Orit Stern-Ben Tovim