Explosive Device Found Near Main Junction in Jerusalem

Police believe bomb, grenade and gun found in Haredi neighborhood were part of a criminally-motivated attempted attack.

Police found Friday a pipe bomb, a hand grenade, and a gun placed near a central junction in the Jerusalem Haredi neighborhood of Sanhedria, in what police sources was a criminally-motivated attempted attack.

Police robbot neutralizing bomb. Archive

Police neutralized the explosive device after they cleared all bystanders from the area.

Last month, three people were wounded when a bomb placed in a parked car exploded in Rehovot. Police suspected that the bomb, planted in the vehicle belonging to a man with a criminal record, went off as he was opening the car door.

The man, aged 50, was lightly to moderately wounded and taken to Kaplan Hospital.
Two passersby who happened by at that moment were also lightly wounded from shrapnel.

About a month ago in Herzliya, a bomb exploded in the car of Yaniv Cohen, also familiar to the police. The car went up in flames and a woman driving by at that moment was lightly hurt.