El Al Plane Involved in Second Ground Crash in Three Months

TheMarker learns that the plane, destined for London, was grounded and replaced after a dent was discovered when loading the luggage.

An El Al passenger's airplane was hit last week by a service vehicle on the Ben Gurion Airport runway, making it the second ground accident involving the company's planes in the last three months, TheMarker learned on Monday.

There were no witnesses to the accident itself however the damage to the side of the plane was noticed while loading luggage on board.

El Al plane
Nir Keidar

The damage detected deep dents in the body of Boeing 777 which was apparently caused when a vehicle crashed into the grounded plane.

The flight, which was destined for London, was delayed, and El Al provided an alternative plane.

El Al said in response that the plane was hit by a service vehicle and "in order to avoid delaying the passengers we decided to replace the plane and go ahead with the flight."

In November last year, two El Al planes were involved in a ground accident.

No one was injured in both accidents.