El Al Passengers Delayed Hours by Fog in Tel Aviv, Greeted by More Fog in London

Flight left Israel five and a half hours later than scheduled, and not allowed to land at Heathrow airport at other end.

The departure of an El Al flight from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport was delayed by five and a half hours due to fog, and was then turned away from its destination, London, England's Heathrow airport, when it, too, was closed due to fog.

The El Al flight was then diverted to Stansted airport, located approximately seventy kilometers from Heathrow.

plane - David Bachar - November 16 2010
David Bachar

The London-bound flight was supposed to have lifted off from Ben Gurion airport at 9:05 A.M., but to the disappointment of the passengers, they were forced to wait at the airport until 2:28 P.M. due to the heavy fog, which grounded a number of other flights, as well.

Once the flight finally took off for its intended destination, five and a half hours after its originally scheduled departure time, it made its way to Heathrow airport near London, England, where it was refused permission to land, as the entire airport was closed to all air traffic.

Just as air traffic at Ben Gurion airport was compromised due to fog, Heathrow airport was temporarily closed to incoming and outgoing traffic due to heavy fog.

A flight from London to Tel Aviv that was supposed to take off at 2:30 P.M. was also grounded at Heathrow because of climactic conditions in the British capital. Passengers complained that they were abandoned by the airline, without even being updated as to their fate.