Egypt Police Seize Missiles, Ammunition Bound for Gaza

Palestinian news agency Ma'an reports that Egypt police raided several secret weapons depots in Sinai, discovered 190 fully assembled anti-aircraft missiles.

Egyptian police on Saturday raided several arms depots in Sinai, believed to hold weapons meant for smuggling into Gaza, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported.

Palestinian in Rafah tunnel AP April 2009

According to the report, the Egyptian police uncovered secret caches of explosives in a desert in the center of the Sinai peninsula. The caches held 190 fully assembled anti-aircraft missiles and rockets in addition to explosives and ammunition.

One cache containing 100 anti-aircraft missiles was uncovered in Al-Hasana, and another, containing 90 of the missiles, was discovered in Ad-Daqqaq. A third cache, holding 1,500 bullets of various sizes, was found in Nakhl, Ma'an reported.

The news agency added that several additional secret depots were raided in the city of Rafah, some 3 kilometers from the border with Gaza, where ten anti-tank mines were seized.

Drugs were also seized in the raids. 50 kilograms of hashish were taken, and several suspected drug dealers detained.