Death of Judge in Central Israel Appears to Be Work-related Suicide

Identity of judge has not yet been disclosed; police find suicide note next to the man's body saying he could not handle his heavy work load.

The body of a judge was found Tuesday in his home in central Israel, in what appears to be a suicide.

The man's relative discovered the body when she arrived home in the evening. According to Channel 2 news the relative called the judge's family doctor to the scene but he was unable to revive him.

Moshe Roth

The judge apparently strangled himself with a plastic bag, according to Channel 2 news.
According to Haaretz sources, the judge, whose identity has not yet been revealed, left a suicide note in which he said that he could no longer handle his heavy work load.

Police and rescue services were called to the scene.

Police ruled out signs that the death was caused by criminal circumstances and suspected that the tragedy was brought about due to personal matters.

Channel 2 news said that the judge had been reprimanded several times by the court for not keeping up with his work load.