Damian Karlik Testifies for the First Time: I Didn't Admit to the Osherenko Murders

Karlik, who has been charged with the murder of six members of the Osherenko family, had previously confessed to the crime five months ago.

The main suspect in the murder of six members of the Osherenko family in Rishon Letzion pleaded not guilty during his first court testimony on Sunday, five months after confessing to the crime.

"I was never explained why the police connected me to the murders, I was suddenly accused when there was no way I could have physically been there," Damian Karlik testified. The proceedings for the murders of the Oshrenko family commenced Sunday in Petah Tikva District Court.

Damian Karlik
Motti Kimchi

During his testimony Karlik pleaded not guilty, offering his version of the arrest procedures. "The arrest itself began at 8 P.M. in a coffee shop when 12-15 policemen in civilian clothing entered the café" he claimed. "They seized my wife's purse and removed the glasses from my head, instructing us to shut up". "We were pushed into a car and driven to the police station where I was thrown into a cell and handcuffed with 6-8 people," he said.

Dmitry Osherenko's family was targeted by Karlik after he was fired from the Osherenko family restaurant Premier for stealing a bottle of vodka. Karlik claimed he felt humiliated and began to nurture his hatred for his former boss

Karlik, whom the police say is a compulsive gambler, spent huge amounts of money at gambling venues, allegedly began to plan his revenge on Osherenko four months ago with his wife Natalya.