TV Exec Avi Nir Gets Death Threat

A television executive who was attacked over a year ago has recently received threats on his life, police sources said yesterday.

Keshet television CEO Avi Nir complained to police that an anonymous caller threatened to harm him. The caller made no demands of Nir and his motives are not clear.

Nir was attacked and badly injured in November 2008, when thugs beat him with clubs in a park near his home. It later transpired that the attackers had been hired by television entertainer Dudu Topaz, who last year committed suicide after his part in a series of assaults on TV executives and a talent agent was exposed.

Topaz had contracted Daniel Zenko, who then hired Noam Amawi of Kfar Sava to carry out the assault on Nir.

Nir, who confronted Topaz in court, said at one of the hearings "my management ability has been impaired since the attack. A person suffering from these kinds of problems cannot run such a complex organization the way he used to."

Keshet beefed up security for Nir following the attack, with help from the police.

Police sources said that after examining the recent threats against Nir, at this stage his life does not appear to be in danger.

Television sources said yesterday that the anonymous caller must have "picked" Nir due to the prominent role he received in the media coverage. They said the threats relate to the Topaz affair and refer to Nir's part in it, as well as to Topaz's suicide.