History Repeats Itself

The Battle of Hattin occurred in July 4, 1187, near Tiberias. Haaretz photographer Tomer Apelbaum witnessed the reenactment, 827 year later.

Reenactment of Battle of Hattin.Tomer Appelbaum

Historical reenactment aims to conjure up the past, photography aims to immortalize the present, the visual experience of the event exists in the gap between them. 

The Battle of Hattin occurred in July 4, 1187 in Karnei Hittin near Tiberias, between forces from the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem led by Guy of Lusignan, king of Jerusalem, and the Ayyubids led by Saladin. Saladin won a decisive victory against the crusaders.

This gallery was first published in Daniel Tchetchik's photography blog on Haaretz, "Exposure."