Court Indicts Three Israeli Arabs for Creating Nazareth Terror Cell

The three Nazareth youth were unsuccessful in executing their terror plans, attempting and failing to create pipe bombs and engage in arms dealing.

The Nazareth District Court indicted three youths from the northern Israel Arab town for allegedly creating a terror cell that was conspiring attacks in Israel.

The three Nazareth youth allegedly conspired to create pipe bombs and purchase weapons to harm Israeli soldiers, police and civilians.

police - Tess Scheflan / Jini - June 6 2008
Tess Scheflan / Jini

The suspects, Ahmed Janem, 19, Moataz Shatwe, 19 and Nur Al-Din Shahade, 18, were unsuccessful in executing their terror plans and arrested by Shin Bet officials and the local Central Police Unit.

The three youths created the cell two years ago, apparently incensed by Israel's Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the indictment submitted by lawyer Orit Korin said. The youths decided to call their military cell "The Safeguards of the Death of Zionism".

Cell member Moataz Shatwe reportedly visited websites at the Galilee School in Nazareth with instructions on how to create explosives and copied the material onto a USB port, the indictment said.

The three suspects then allegedly met at Shahade's home to discuss their plans, after which they purchased two hollow pipes, 50 packs of matches, bolts, nails and adhesive.

Per the site's instructions, the three allegedly began crushing the tops of the matches to create explosive material to put inside the pipes so when detonated, the pipe bombs would cause serious damage.

The suspects allegedly decided to abandon their pipe bomb plans for unknown reasons, focusing their energies on purchasing weapons instead.

Cell member Janem then allegedly decided to get involved in arms dealing, initiating contact with a dealer in the Arab village of Jenin. After two failed attempts to purchase weapons, Janem gave up because the weapons were too expensive.

Janem is accused of conspiracy to commit a crime for his attempts at arms dealing.