Couple Changing Tire Killed in Hit-and-run on Major Israeli Highway

Truck flees scene after killing man and pregnant woman in their 20s; collision between bus and minibus carrying children injures 50 in south Tel Aviv.

A man and a pregnant woman in their mid-20s were killed Sunday in a roadside accident on Highway 4 near the Yavne junction just 20 km south of Tel Aviv.
According to an initial investigation, the couple, residents of Kiryat Malachi, was changing a tire under the Yavne junction bridge when a truck struck them and fled the scene.  

A large police force, including a police helicopter, arrived at the scene and manned several checkpoints in the surrounding area in an attempt to locate the truck driver.
In light of the accident, the police have blocked Highway 4 from the Yavne junction northward.
Accident reported between Egged bus and minibus carrying children
Approximately 50 people, among them young children, were lightly injured Sunday in a collision between an Egged bus and a minibus that carried young children in south Tel Aviv.
Magen David Adom arrived at the scene and administered first aid, while several people were transferred to Ichilov and Wolfson hospitals in Tel Aviv.

Highway 4 roadside accident - Ilan Asayag - July 2011
Ilan Asayag