CEO of Maariv Newspaper Quits

Protesting workers scuffle with police.

The CEO of Maariv Holdings, Tal Raz, is expected to quit soon after handing over the management of the newspaper to the court-appointed trustees. Other members of management are also expected to leave with him. The paper is presently under a court-approved period of protection from its competitors. For now the resignations will have little impact on the functioning of the paper, which anyway is under the control of the trustees, but it marks the end of an era: The end of control over the paper by Nochi Dankner's IDB group and the Nimrodi family.

Raz is still expected to help the trustees in the attempt to sell the paper to the publisher of the right-wing Makor Rishon over the next few weeks.

Raz's employment at Maariv cost the paper some NIS 2 million a year, including a NIS 510,000 signing bonus.

Maariv workers continued their protests on Monday against the former owners, demanding to receive their full severance packages. They tried to enter the Tel Aviv offices of Nimrodi's Israel Land Development Corp., but fighting broke out between the protesters and security guards, and police intervened. Police claimed the demonstration was illegal; the journalists said they were attacked brutally.