Ben-Gurion Airport Halts All Refueling, Flight Delays Expected

Inbound flights redirected to refuel in Cyprus after authorities stop all refueling activities due to substandard fuel supplies.

A contaminated fuel supply has prompted the authorities at Ben-Gurion International Airport to cancel all refueling on Thursday, a move which is expected to cause severe flight delays.

According to a report received by Haaretz, foreign airliners in need of refueling have been instructed to land in Cyprus instead, a fact that may lengthen the round of flights due to arrive in Israel and take off from it.

Ben Gurion Airport
Moti Milrod

The Paz Aviation Assets firm that provides the fuel to Ben-Gurion International Airport alerted airport authorities of the contamination, prompting airport manager Shmuel Kandel to order all refueling be stopped.

All local take-offs, in addition, had been canceled as well as three El Al Europe-bound flights.

Substandard fuel supplies have caused flight delays in Ben-Gurion airport in the past, with one such occurrence arresting refueling operation for a whole day.