3 Men Arrested for Allegedly Planning to Sell Poisoned Fish to Passover Shoppers

Coast guard arrest men in possession of 70 kilograms of poisoned fish caught in the polluted Kishon River.

Israel's coastal guard arrested on Wednesday three residents from the northern towns of Acre and Nahariya suspected of planning to sell over 70 kilograms of poisoned fish to markets around Israel during the Passover holiday season.

The suspects, were arrested after the coast guard noticed that the men had entered a no-fishing zone in the Kishon River and proceeded to cast fishing nets into the highly polluted waters.

After only several hours of fishing, the men caught over 70 kilograms of mullets which had been swimming in the part of the river which is polluted with chemical waste dumped in the river by companies in Haifa's industrial area.

Fishing in the Kishon River has been banned for over several years due to heavy pollution, yet fishing in the polluted water is still a common phenomenon, which the coast guard have been fighting by confiscating fishermen's boats and giving heavy fines to fishermen caught fishing in the river.