23-year-old Israeli Backpacker Killed in Bolivia

Ido Farran dies after falling off an all terrain vehicle during a trek with friends.


Adi Farran, a 23-year-old Israeli backpacker killed in Bolivia
Courtesy of the family

Adi Farran, a 23-year-old Israeli backpacker traveling in Bolivia, was killed on Wednesday in an all terrain vehicle accident.

The Israeli embassy in Lima was taking action to have the body transferred to Israel for burial. The family has been notified of Farran's death.

Adi's father told Haaretz that the young man had embarked on a trip to South America following prolonged military service as an officer. He added that Adi and his friends set out on an ATV trek and he had fallen off.

"It's very difficult to lose a son," he said. "Not to mention losing a son when he's so far away."

Friends and family gathered at the Farran home in Be'er Sheva on Thursday to mourn Ido's death.

Just over a month ago, an Israeli woman was killed in Bolivia during a bicycle ride. The group she was riding with entered an area with heavy fog and she was separated from the group and fell off a steep cliff.