19-year-old Suspected of Raping and Robbing Woman in Bus Station Bathroom

Suspect apprehended after a separate victim files a complaint over an attempted rape; suspect confesses to both.

A 19-year-old Bat Yam man is suspected of having violently robbed and raped a 40-year-old woman in the bathroom of the central bus station in Tel Aviv. The man was indicted several days ago in a separate case of attempted rape in Jaffa.

Tel Aviv central bus station Daniel Tchetchik
Daniel Tchetchik

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court was to hold a remand hearing on Monday.

The police suspect that the man attacked the woman inside the women's bathroom on the sixth floor of the Tel Aviv central bus station ten days ago, and also stole her mobile phone. The woman filed a complaint the following day, but the suspect remained at large.

On the same day that the woman filed her complaint, another victim filed a similar complaint. The 20-year-old woman told police that a man had tried to strangle her and rape her. She said that the attacker had fled when she began to scream.

The suspect was apprehended the following day, and confessed to the incident. He was indicted over the attempted rape. During questioning, the suspect also confessed to the central bus station rape. Police suspect that the man is also responsible for additional rape cases as well.