Dismissed Netanyahu Driver Reinstated, Compensated

Compensation to be paid by the state; driver withdraws claim of 'inappropriate treatment.

Sara Netanyahu holding the hashtag sign.
Sara Netanyaahu.

A former driver for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, will be paid 150,000 shekels ($42,400) and reinstated in his job at the Prime Minister’s Office, in a compromise agreement with the Civil Service Commission.

Details of the compromise with the driver, Viktor Sarga, who threatened a few months ago to sue the prime minister personally, were revealed Thursday night by Channel 2 television.

At the time, the Prime Minister’s Bureau termed Sarga’s threat “attempted extortion.”

Sarga was fired last year, due to his having contracted a skin disease, according to his version. His lawyers began negotiating with the state for compensation, arguing that his dismissal had been inappropriate and had harmed his pension rights.

In terms of the agreement reached between Sarga's lawyers and the Civil Service Commission, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office and the State Prosecutor’s Office, Sarga will be paid 150,000 shekels and resume work as a driver for the Prime Minister’s Office.

He agreed to withdraw his claims of “inappropriate treatment” and will receive no compensation on that score.

“The Netanyahu family didn’t pay a single shekel to this worker at any stage," a source close to the Netanyahu family told Channel 2 news. "Moreover, the prime minister’s wife was never the defendant to begin with and wasn’t involved in any way, shape or form, at any stage, in the negotiations the state conducted with the worker in question.”