Jerusalem Light Rail Back on Tracks After Rioting

Service fully restored to capital's light rail network even as repairs continue; cost of damage estimated at tens of millions of shekels.

Damage to Jerusalem's light rail station
Damage to Jerusalem's light rail station. Courtesy of CityPass

Jerusalem's light rail network was restored to full service on Monday, a week after the city's northern neighborhoods were cut from the transit system following violent protests.

During the riots, which broke out following the death of 16-year-old Shoafat resident Mohammed Abu Khdeir, two rail stations were completely destroyed and infrastructure along the train's route was heavily damaged.

Though repair of the two wrecked stations - Shoafat and Es-Sahl - is expected to last a few months, the train will make stops at those locations. Staff will sell tickets while crews repair the automated vending machines. However, to damage caused to the traffic light infrastructure the train will not run as frequently as before.

The overall cost of repairing the damage is estimated to be tens of millions of shekels. The government is expected to cover the cost of the damage, but it is not clear who will compensate CityPass, the Jerusalem light rail company, for the lost revenue.