Ultra-Orthodox Venue in Jerusalem Offers Gender-divided Elevator

Mechitza made of nylon will separate men and women for clients interested in the service.

A screenshot of the signs directing men and women to different sides of the elevator from the Walla website.

The owners of an ultra-Orthodox event venue in Jerusalem are providing their customers with the latest innovation in separation between men and women: a gender-divided elevator.

The Armonot Chen venue, which was inaugurated last week, has made a mechitza –a divider separating men and women - out of nylon available for clients in the venue's elevator. Signs on the elevator doors and inside it direct men to one side, and women to the other, according to Walla news.

Some people want to keep men and women separate on a wedding day, Walla cited owner Yosef Cohen as saying. "If four men and four women enter the elevator how will they behave? This way there is a mechitza and this solves the problem."

He added, "This separation is not imposed by force. The mechitza can be installed and taken down within 30 seconds. This is not the Berlin Wall."