American Escapee Who Fled to Jordan Arrested in Jerusalem

Mohammed Abu Nakhla was sentenced to 24 years in 2005, but escaped to Jordan before he could serve his sentence.

Arrest (illustration)

An American-Jordanian man who escaped from the U.S. after being sentenced to 24 years in an Illinois prison for opening fire on the streets of Chicago was arrested by Israeli police in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Mohammed Abu Nakhla was sentenced in 2005, after shooting motorists in Chicago, but escaped to Jordan and the Palestinian territories before he could serve his sentence.

He was arrested in Jerusalem on Tuesday on charges of attempted murder, possession of a deadly weapon and obstruction of justice, after Washington requested his extradition, the Justice Ministry announced.

According to the provisional extradition request, the 2003 shooting incident began when Abu Nakhla, who was a passenger in a vehicle with his wife and several other young women, got into an altercation with rival gang members in another car.

When the gang members refused to identify themselves, as he demanded, Abu Nakhla shot into the vehicle, injuring the driver in the arm.

He fled to Jordan while out on bail and the trial was conducted in absentia, resulting in a 24-year prison sentence.

Abu Nakhla has traveled repeatedly between Ramallah and Jordan, according to the extradition request.

He is being held on remand while the state considers his extradition to the U.S.