State Official Kills Toddler, Loses License, Asks for Driver - and Gets One

Meanwhile, he faces manslaughter charges.

Children's playground.
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The Civil Service Commission provided a driver for a senior civil servant who requested one after his license was suspended for running over and killing a 2-year-old boy, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday. The official faces indictment for manslaughter.

In response to the newspaper's inquiry, the commission took away the official's driver over the weekend. He was bringing the civil servant to and from work in a car provided by the government.

"What was going through the head of whoever approved the request?" wondered a government official. "Instead of the driver who killed the child paying a price, he got a reward. The clerk [who assigned the driver] also has to do some major soul-searching and ask himself where he got the chutzpah to order a driver [for the civil servant] at the public's expense."

The Civil Service Commission stated that commissioner Moshe Dayan "determined that a personal driver should not be approved in a case like this."

The fatal accident took place in December when the civil servant was going to pick up his child from a nursery school in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem. Upon making a U-turn, he struck the little boy.

His driver's license was suspended for 90 days. However, the suspension ended some days ago, and he got his license back.