A Selfie Too Good to Censor

Israeli army posts photo of pilot flying over Tel Aviv on its Facebook page, without blurring his face.

The selfie that appeared on the Israel Air Force Facebook page on Sunday March 30, 2014. (Detail)Facebook

The Israeli military is normally very strict about protecting the identities of their pilots, but one flier’s selfie seems to have proved too impressive not to share on social media.

The picture of the aerobatic team pilot flying a T-6 Texan II over Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square appeared on Sunday on the Israel Air Force’s official Facebook page and Instagram account, bearing the hashtag #selfie. In contrast, all of the other photographs on the Facebook page were restricted to equipment or pilots shown only from behind.

Usually, when photos of Israel Air Force pilots appear in the media, their faces are blurred out so as to protect their identities in case of capture. Presumably, it was determined that enough of the pilot's face was covered by his equipment as to make him unrecognizable.