Lod Residents Protest Police Conduct After Woman's Murder

Protesters rally near Lod police station one week after murder of Lilian Masoud.

MK Haneen Zoabi (L) among protesters in Lod. March 23, 2014.

Dozens of people, including MK Haneen Zoabi, formed a human chain Thursday night from Lod police station to the city’s Habanim Square, protesting against the conduct of the police in the case of Lilian Masoud, murdered last Saturday night in Lod.

Masoud, 38, was shot at close range near her Lod home and was killed almost instantly. Masoud and her husband left Lod six months ago, fearing for their lives following a family feud. “The police warned her of the threat, but is it the police’s job just to warn people, or could they have prevented the murder?” asked a woman who had come from Nazareth to join the protest.