HIV Carrier in Haifa Deliberately Infecting Sex Partners

Police say the victims include teenagers and men in straight relationships.

A male HIV carrier from the Haifa area has been having unprotected sex with numerous men, without informing them of his HIV status, Israel Hayom reported on Thursday.

The man, who is reportedly in his 20s, is under observation at Haifa's Rambam hospital. While a carrier of the HIV virus, he is not ill with AIDS.

Sources in the gay community in the north say that the case came to light when one of the man's victims was himself diagnosed as a carrier and reported the man to the police.

The HIV carrier was questioned by the police and brought face to face with his accuser. He reportedly said that the complainant knew of his HIV status and that their sex was protected.

According to police sources, the man acknowledged that not all his partners knew that he was HIV positive, but insisted that he always used protection.

Police have collected several testimonies against the man, even though many of his victims were teenagers who had not yet come out as gay and were scared to testify.

"Beyond the statements we already have, it's difficult to gather testimonies because many of the victims are not members of the gay community and don't want to be revealed as gay," a senior police source said. "From what we know, some of the men are married or involved in straight relationships – and they certainly don't want to be outed in this way."

The Israel AIDS Task Force said in a statement that it had received complaints that someone living with HIV was deliberately infecting others and had brought the complaints to the notice of the appropriate authorities.

"It must be stressed that this is an irregular case," the statement said. "The bulk of new infections are caused by people who are not aware that they're HIV carriers."